March 28, 2013

бакшевская масляница - Maslenitsa

The Maslenitsa event - бакшевская масляница 2013 - was held in the middle of a snowy forest, a one hour train ride from Moscow. Let's celebrate the Spring, in the middle of a snow storm! One of the funniest and more interesting Russian traditional events ever!
To get in you need to smile, dance and sing a song (we were doing the chorus for Maria's song "nuda nuda nuda") otherwise you cannot enter and you will be assaulted by shovelfuls of snow! I love how Luis philosophically takes it: "The entrance fee? a song or a batch of snow in your face. Take your pick. We went for both…."! (I suggest you to actually read his story of the day). The bear is woken up from its lethargy and climbs the fort that will need to be conquered to burn Winter and let Spring begin - see the videos below - ...spring? 
Snawballs flying everywhere, games starting around, fightings and so much fun! A greatest experience, a great luck to have the chance to participate in this unique celebration - many thanks to our two wonderful hosts, Luis and Maria.

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